List of book lists



The Harvard Classics (or Dr. Eliot’s Five-Foot Shelf)

Great Books of the Western World

The Western Canon by Harold Bloom

100 Books for the Modern Person by Kenneth Funsten (Los Angeles Times, 1981)

New Lifetime Reading Plan by Clifton Fadiman and John S. Major  (4th ed., 1997)

100 Best Novels in 1898


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images: Allen Ginsberg’s “Celestial Homework Specialized Reading List” for “Literary History of the Beats”, David Foster Wallace’s “English 102-Literary Analysis: Prose Fiction”Donald Barthelme’s list for students at the University of HoustonW. H. Auden’s “Fate and the Individual in European Literature”

UC Berkeley Summer Reading

Bookforum’s Syllabi

AskHistorians Master Book List

AskHistorians Master Book List II

The Big Read

More Lists of Lists

10 Best Top 100 Book Lists

The Books Project

The Wall Street Journal: Who Read What in… 

Reddit’s Book Lists


The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing

Oxford Bibliographies

Library of Congress Bibliographies, Research Guides, and Finding Aids

Bibliography of Literary Theory, Criticism and Philology

Recommendations from the Famous

Stephen King

Ralph Ellison

Bill Gates

Reading List: Artists’ Selections from the MoMA Library Collection

18 (Free) Books Ernest Hemingway Wished He Could Read Again for the First Time

Daniel Mendelsohn

Marilyn Monroe

Sylvia Plath

David Bowie

Russell Banks

Sandra Cisneros

Jonathan Lethem

Manual for Civilization: includes Kevin Kelly, Brian Eno, Maria Popova

More Categories


Ten Books About Texas: an Approximation (by Antonio Ruiz-Camacho for Electric Literature, 5/26/2016); response to Lone Star Literature: From the Red River to the Rio Grande (edited by Don Graham & foreword by Larry McMurtry)

The City (Lingua Franca’s questions to authors on “Breakthrough Books”)

Science Fiction, Strange, and Uncanny

io9’s lists: 10 Books You Pretend to Have Read (And Why You Should Really Read Them)10 Ultra-Weird Science Fiction Novels that Became Required ReadingThe Twenty Science Fiction Novels that Will Change Your Life10 Weirdest Science Fiction Novels That You’ve Never Read10 great science fiction novels that have been banned

The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction (Guardian, 5/14/2011)

17 of the Most Literary Science Fiction Novels (by Daniel Hope for Lit Reactor)

20 Strange and Wonderful Books

20 Even Stranger and More Wonderful Books

Alternate History

List of alternate history fiction

Unusual Alternate Histories

10 Best Alternate Histories

Length and Genre

Short Novels (from Flavorwire)

Beyond Poe: Canonical Short Stories (Ask MetaFilter)

24 Books You Can Read in Less Than an Hour (infographic from Electric Literature)

Microhistories of the Mundane: 10 Books About Everyday Stuff



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