Embedding Things

In which I test out the embedding of an ebook from the Internet Archive, a syllabus from Issuu, a TED Talk, and an Instagram video post.

I noticed that Public Domain Review easily embedded ebooks from Archive.org, e.g.

For the above, I followed the directions on this page and copied the tag from The Open Library. There are other pages on linking video, etc. from the Internet Archive.

WordPress also supports just putting the straight link (without it being clickable) for many sites (listed here). I don’t see Pinterest on the list, but I’ve embedded boards by just putting in the URL in the “Visual” mode of editing a post.

But one of the ones on the list is Issuu. Here’s a syllabus to accompany Lemonade:

And while I couldn’t embed “The Remix” playlist, I could embed a video from it (below) by pasting in the link:

Here’s something else, a gif/video from Instagram