List of List Ideas

This is some lead text that I’m testing out also in the “excerpt” feature. I’ve noticed older blogs still like to tell people to click more “after the jump.” I’m going to insert a “Read More” tag to test it out.

Articles, books, speeches, etc. in defense of the value of the humanities

Jokes and parodies of books and poems I teach (best of The McSweeney’s Joke Book of Book Jokes, e.g.)

Analyses of Trump’s rhetorical style (e.g. “Gertrude Trump”)

Issues and initiatives most important to current political movements

Arguments that answer “Why create?”

Collection of historical, literary, animation, other iconic figures in new styles of dress and subculture

Quotations on tension between creation and consumption

List of books that consist of lists

This is the second of 2 posts that I am queuing to post at different times on future days. I wrote it Monday, 6/27/16.

(featured image from Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s list from Lists of Note)