Thursday Links

I’ve been starting to experiment with different tools that might interest the Ballast Online editors and staff.

Tool Taste: Adobe Spark (so far: 1, 2)

Recently at a workshop I used Adobe Spark, which is simple to use, cloud-based (no need to install a program). Our school’s online newspaper could use it to partner with a club or committee, present photos, or anything else! These are just a few examples from Adobe’s gallery:

I am Rosie (page)

Stop Food Waste (video)

Shine On (post)

30-Day or 7-Day Challenges

I also think an interesting feature could be to make up some “challenges” specific to our community. Here are some samples I found on Pinterest:

Tidying Up Challenge, Drawing Challenge, and Photo Challenge

Collections of Links

And to be very self-referential, here are daily, weekly, or other semi-regular sets of links:

from Rookie Mag, daily links (the “Featured Image” on this post is from Rookie Magazine’s creative prompt feature)

Marginal Revolution’s Wednesday Assorted Links

Swiss Miss’ Friday Link Pack

FiveThirtyEight’s Significant Digits

BookForum’s Omnivore daily blog

Dan Weiss’s Morning Coffee from Rumpus

I hope these set up some good ideas– a random assortment from various contributors? a set of links on a topic or theme? a primer on a current event? a collection in the form of numbers, quotations, or images?



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