Thursday Links

Here are some of the best things I consumed in the past week…


1. I saw Sophia Al-Maria’s art installation at the Whitney, called Black Friday. Here is an essay on the piece, but if you are in the New York area, see it before reading the essay. I also saw many other wonderful things: the set for Jill Kroesen’s Collecting Injustices, Unnecessary Suffering, works from Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection, and a short film by Danny Lyon.

New Yorkers I, 1965, Howard Kanovitz

I Like What I Hear

2. The Organist, episode 69, “The Testosterone Abyss.” Pair with This American Life, episode 220, “Testosterone.”

from the Weird Dude Energy Tumblr

3. Fugitive Waves, from the Kitchen Sisters, episode 51, “Harvest on Big Rice Lake“; here’s a link to the White Earth Land Recovery Project.

Winona LaDuke

4. Surfing the web after listening to a podcast: The Organist, episode 68, “The Metaphysics of Dub” inspired a long web investigation of Afrofuturism (major works, authors, influences, politics).

draft of “Afrofuturism (Blanche says, ‘Meh’)” by Douglas Kearney

Also, FreakonomicsWhat Are Gender Barriers Made Of?” which inspired another investigation, on vocal fry, uptalk, and female voices.

What Else

5. I’ve been really enjoying streaming the Republican (last week) and Democratic (this week) conventions and reading about Twitter drama and other “live commentary.”


6. I loved reading this profile on Martha Nussbaum in The New Yorker; it has got me to return to the gaping spaces in my philosophy understanding and read more Plato and John Stuart Mill. In general I’m getting to read a lot more– Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things to Me, Joy Williams’ short stories (well, just the 2 most recent from The New Yorker– “Chicken Hill” and “Stuff”), and many articles and reviews.



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