aside In which I discover I don’t know about pop culture …

… but it’s interesting.

The Genius of Taylor Swift’s Girlfriend Collection

Kim Kardashian’s Taylor Swift-Kanye West Snapchat Story, explained

A Close Reading of Kim Kardashian West’s Latest Film: Kanye and Taylor’s Phone Call

When Did You First Realize Taylor Swift Was Lying to You?

Photos I looked up to understand the above article:

“No two humans have ever actually walked down a street in that manner.”
“but the fact she dressed up in her idea of what Zelda Fitzgerald would wear… made me think she just filled those shopping bags with ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and some rocks.”

5 Ways Taylor Swift Exemplifies White Feminism – and Why That’s a Problem

5 Reasons I Can’t Love Taylor Swift Anymore

When Did the Media Turn Against Taylor Swift

Related Topics

Staged Photographs

A dip into the complex study of staged photographs (from the Crimean and Civil Wars to Kiss by the Hotel de Ville) (more: In the Valley of the Shadow of Doubt; the case of Steve McCurry)

Cultural Capital

What’s “cool”? (a start: In the Dust of This Planet, American Cool)

Some closing thoughts

I don’t have an opinion on Taylor Swift. She looks like a lovely young woman, but she is very young to be dealing with the issues she’s facing– celebrity, the constant barrage of social media and interaction, money, and the intricacies of popular culture. Ultimately, I would be more critical of a system that is willing to scrutinize, idolize, canonize any one person rather than examining the machine that made her. Mostly, I had no idea so many people were spending this much time and energy on the Internet carefully examining the intricacies of her public persona, and it’s interesting! I am also still curious about whether Jake Gyllenhaal was really a prop boyfriend; that seems like a strange world to be doing business in.

So I’ll leave you with:

Mystery Show, episode 5, “Source Code,” or How Tall is Jake Gyllenhaal?


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