Thursday Links

Today’s post is an exercise in: I’ve run out of time today doing other things, but I’m going to do a little post for the sake of consistency and to practice “roughly done is better than never tried” with regards to my creative work.

5 Links from the Past Week

Martha Nussbaum on Anger

“Beyond Anger” by Martha Nussbaum. Nussbaum starts this fascinating and accessible essay, “There’s no emotion we ought to think harder and more clearly about than anger.”

more on Nussbaum: fascinating New Yorker profile by Rachel Aviv, “The Philosopher of Feelings”

Nielsen Prizm

Not really from the past week, but I love this tool.

What’s more important, to be mythically “first” or advance conversation about a subject matter in the richest way possible?

“Out of Cite” by Laur M. Jackson on The Awl. Is part of a more general interest in mechanical reproduction, originality, etc.

In addition to the particular ideas of this piece, I like how Medium has a feature on how long a piece will take to read (this one = 8 minutes), but I’m not sure I like reading something that already has the “top highlight” identified.

James Curran Gifathon, New York City

James Curran, or SlimJim, made a gif-a-day during a month-long stay in New York.

Journalist’s Resource

A broad collection of data, reports, and topics.

A project of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center and the Carnegie-Knight Initiative, we’re an open-access site that curates scholarly studies and reports.


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