Idea and Inspiration Links

Immerse Yourself

The best and worst journalism of August 2016

To immerse yourself in the community: Use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, talks with friends, and other ways of reaching out to find out what different people in the community are thinking about. What small efforts, during the first week of school, could capture more of what’s going on with the community?

Adapt or Imitate from Models and Art You Admire

Inspired by elephants, entrepreneur turns sleepy yoga magazine into digital juggernaut

(in the above embed, see page 75 on more research ideas, such as:)

Contextual Interviewing

New York Times asks readers to submit photographs documenting moments in one day

New York City was treated to an unimpeachably lovely day on Monday, the first day of summer. To celebrate, we asked New York Instagrammers to document their day and share #NYTSummerDay photos with us. For @turnaroundcancel, the scars of a summer day became a fashion statement. “I love the way that New Yorkers put themselves out there in the summer,” he told @nytimes. “Everything — everybody, rather — is on display, and it often feels like there’s nowhere to hide from the sun and its heat. It’s going to get you one way or another, so when it does, wear it! Even an unfortunate sunburn can be turned into a fashion statement, although next time I’d suggest more sunscreen." #regram from @turnaroundcancel. #nytweekender

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The “Featured Image” on this post is from the Public Domain Review, a great source of curated treasures free to use because they’re in the public domain.

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