Maps: Old, Handmade, Imaginary, and A List of Map Links

Both of the above maps, of Summit, NJ, are from the New York Public Library Digital Collection. The NYPL has a lot of interesting projects going on encouraging the public to play with the huge array of resources stored in their archives.

There are many other ways to make cool maps, such as this one by Nobutaka Aozaki, a map of Manhattan composed of hand-drawn maps by various New York pedestrians whom the artist asked for directions.



The artist has a short video, and photographs documenting his process here. The piece is called From Here to There.

I got the following from the interesting book Drawings on Geology.

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Cornell University Library’s Digital Collection has a collection called “Persuasive Maps: PJ Mode Collection.” Two are below.

Here’s a nice hand-drawn map of Vienna:


Here’s a more allegorical, imaginary one:


More map collections and articles

“Why do so many people love making maps?” (from Bookforum‘s “Omnivore” blog)

Wired Magazine had a science blog called Map Labs and The Atlantic‘s City Labs has map posts.

Flowing Data has a nice collection of resources on maps.

Brain Pickings has many posts on maps, including alternate maps, Where Are You, and more.

These are Atlas Obscura’s map items.

Plus: Strange Maps, Edward Tufte on “Maps moving in time,” “Unusual maps,” “Cartography Symbols,” (and more), and that xkcd comic.

There are many educational and scientific collections on maps, but here are a couple:

USGS Educational Resources for Secondary Grades (7-12)

Map Your Schoolyard

Here’s a map I made of Summit, NJ with Stamen:


Here are more map links

Wanderlust, famous journeys mapped in an interactive feature by Good

Placing Literature, Atlas Obscura‘s Guide to Literary Road TripsLiterary Map of NYC, A Literary Map of Manhattan, and Google Lit Trips

David Rumsey Map Collection

Lives on the Line: Life Expectancy at Birth & Child Poverty as a Tube Map

London Surnames

Income inequality, as seen from space

If the world’s population lived in one city

Figurative Map of the successive losses in men of the French Army in the Russian campaign 1812-1813

Sound Maps (SoundTransit). More sound map resources here and here. And from the British Library here.

The Hand Drawn Map Association. Here’s some of New Jersey.

more illustrated maps, including tutorials.

Making Maps blog and the Big Map Blog

Map reading guides from the Ordinance Survey (British)

also read: “California as an Island” in The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell