Thursday Links: Men & Women, Election Words, and October Numbers

Men and Women

Houston’s Coach Pecks Away at Football’s Macho Culture, a Kiss at a Time

How to Suppress Women’s Criticism: On Neil Gaiman, Shirley Jackson, and the importance of not erasing women’s writing

the impossibility of return

No one returns to a woman, as much as a woman cannot return to herself, without being confronted by what has changed – be it Odysseus to Penelope or Woolf to herself, via her double, Isabella. A person, like a place, no longer remains the same because time does not guarantee any recovery. The mirror and the glass are always in fear of being – ready to be – shattered.


Election Words

The Trump Glossary

What Happens in Our Minds When We Say ‘Donald Trump’—A Sound Symbolism Tour by a Cognitive Linguist

Trump lingo 101: Is he saying ‘bigly’ or ‘big league’?

When Trump warns about ‘bad hombres,’ it’s our job to explain what he means

What’s Really Behind Trump’s Obsession With Clinton’s ‘Stamina’?

and words in general

Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Every British swear word has been officially ranked in order of offensiveness


October Numbers

A 600-Year-Old Oak Tree Finally Succumbs

5 Stories To Read For International Day Of The Girl

Six Frightening Reads to Freak You Out for Halloween

7 photos that capture the absurdity of this election season

13 Literary Songs for the Halloween Season