Thursday Links: Jokes, Audio, and Fiction

Billy on the Street, or Billy Eichner, on Fresh Air

“It’s Only Post-Natural” short on Studio 360

Short Fiction:

Joseph O’Neill reads “Pardon Edward Snowden” on The Author’s Voice from The New Yorker


In fact, during the couple of weeks that Dylan had not responded to the news of his award, Mark had hoped that the singer would tell the Swedish buffoons where to stick it; that Bob had the integrity to recognize that an ultra-celebrated multimillionaire who deals in concerts and extra-paginal iconicity is not playing the same game as a writer who sits down in a small college town and, with no prospect of meaningful financial reward, tries to come up with a handful of words that will, unless something untoward should happen, be read by a maximum of a hundred and forty people and be properly appreciated by maybe fifty-two of these, of whom maybe six will be influenced. Make that two.

“You Had One Job” by Scott Brown on This American Life

Vice Magazine‘s 2016 Fiction Issue



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