Weekly Collections of Links, Part 2

In an early “Thursday Links” post, I listed some weekly or semi-regular types of “links posts.”

Here are some more examples of Weekly or Daily or Semi-Regular Curation Posts

This Week in Essays (The Rumpus)

Weekly Geekery (The Rumpus)

Thursday Poem (3 Quarks Daily)

New York City, December 21, 2016 (The Awl)

On the Street… Art Student, New York (The Sartorialist)

Word of the week: Kakistocracy (Fritinancy)

Headlines editors probably wish they could take back (Columbia Journalism Review)

ArtRx NYC (Hyperallergic)


Here are some seasonal ones

The Year in Reading: 2016 (The Millions)

The Best Maps of 2016 (National Geographic)

Ghosts on the Nog: The great English tradition of Christmas ghost stories.” (Paris Review)

One-Star Reviews of Christmas Classics: Bah Humbug! These Amazon readers are completely unimpressed with Dickens, Thomas and all your other so-called holiday classics.” (Electric Literature)

How Americans are talking about Trump’s election in 6 charts” or “16 striking findings from 2016” (Pew Research Center)



Informal Summary of Types of Weekly, Monthly, or Seasonal Content

  • By genre or interest (movies, essays, stories, lessons or assignments, textbook chapters, videos, listicles)
  • From a particular point of view: location, time, activity
  • Holidays, Heroes, Best of, Recommendations (different people on same topic)
  • Current events
  • Collections around a word, phrase, trend, quotation, sentence type

Visual collections are, of course, a whole other cool area to experiment with. The ones on this post are by Jim Golden.



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